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Sing us a Song


In my opinion the hits from 1973 do not compare to ’70 or ’71. However, there were great songs: “Taking Care of Business”, “Free Bird”, “We’re an American Band”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, etc. I was surprised with some of the songs from ’73, thinking that they had come out later.
There were awesome performers in 1973: Roberta Flack, Pink Floyd, Chicago, Kool and the Gang, etc.
My favorite song from 1973 is “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.


Here is something interesting that I found out about Billy Joel from Songfacts.com: When he was 21, after his band broke up and his girlfriend left him, he tried to kill himself by drinking furniture polish (he “took the Pledge”). He learned that furniture polish doesn’t kill you, it just gets you really sick. After the incident, he checked himself into a hospital for depression, which he later said was a great experience, since he saw people who had far worse problems and learned to stop feeling sorry for himself.
I also learned from songfacts.com the history of “Piano Man”: It was inspired by Joel’s experiences playing at a piano bar. The characters in the song are based on real people Joel encountered while working there. Joel played under the name Bill Martin, which explains why the patrons in the song call him Bill. Martin is his middle name.
Weird Al has a song that goes: “Sling us a web, you’re the Spider-Man.”
I have always been fond of Billy Joel. He is an awesome piano player. He and Elton John (another awesome piano player) have toured together. I lost some interest in Billy Joely when he started doing classical music. He has composed a number of classical songs and even reworked older ballads with an orchestral backing. But, Billy Joel’s “awesomeness” earned him his own channel on satellite radio.
I really like how Joel paints a picture with this song. It reminds me of the show “Cheers” and its theme song. That is how the regulars are there every night. My favorite lines from the song are:
                                                  Makin’ love to his tonic and gin
                                             When I wore a younger man’s clothes.
I like the “tonic and gin” line because it reminds me of best friend, Michelle. She got me into drinking these in my early twenties. I like the “younger man’s clothes” line because I think it is a really creative way to talk about the earlier years of one’s life.


The greatest memory I have of this song comes from three years ago. It was during the spring piano recital. It was one of my best “mom moments”. Everyone was playing hymns and sonatinas . My daughter, Casey, got up there and started playing “Piano Man”. I was so proud.  It was awesome!

cpianoPhoto Credits:  en.wikipedia.org http://www.ericscheske.com


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