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Swing your Hips

I must say 1970 and 1971 are still my favorite years for music up to this point.
But, 1974 had some good artists: John Lennon, Neil Diamond, Kool and the Gang, and Stevie Wonder. There were some great songs: “Seasons in the Sun”, “Billy don’t be a Hero”, “Taking Care of Business” (a karaoke favorite of mine), and “Rock the Boat”.
My favorite song for 1974 is actually a cover version. The song is “Loco-motion”. The song is notable for appearing in the American Top 5 three times – each time in a different decade, performed by artists from three different cultures: originally African American pop singer Little Eva in 1962 (U.S. No. 1); then White American band Grand Funk Railroad in 1974 (U.S. No. 1); and Australian singer Kylie Minogue in 1988 (U.S. No. 3). This was Grand Funk’s biggest hit. Their other #1 was “We’re An American Band.” (MetroLyrics)


Of course, the song is about a dance, and Grand Funk gives it a great party sound.
My favorite line is “My little baby sister can do it with ease
It’s easier to learn than your A B C’s”. In 1974 I was four years old. My siblings were ten, twelve and thirteen.
I remember this song playing a lot at the roller rink. I think every place had a local roller rink where we spent part of our childhood. Ours was called the Rollerdrome. Our school would have monthly skate nights. I also spent some weekend night there tagging along with my older sister. (I would be willing to bet that she still remembers her rental skate number.) When “The Loco-motion” would play, we would make a train, holding onto the waist of the person in front of us.


Another memory of this song came from my next-door neighbor’s house. My neighbor’s rented their house out for a year. This was in 1979. The family that rented had a teenage son and couple of girls in their late teens/early twenties. I remember having a crush on the boy. I thought the girls were cool because they were part of a band. They would practice in the basement or the backyard. This was one of the songs they sang. They allowed my friends and me to be their groupies.
Picture credits: http://www.wtmbusiness.com pophistorydig.com buzzjack.com sagecharterschoolabq.org


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