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Here I go Again

From: Popculturemadness.com

Paul Simon (Grammy for Album of the Year)

Love Will Keep Us Together – Captain and Tennille (Grammy for Record of the Year)

New Artists in the Pop Charts Included:
Boston, Kansas, Bay City Rollers, Nazareth, Eddie Rabbitt, Ted Nugent, Heart, John Travolta, George Benson, Peter Frampton and Thin Lizzie.

There were two surprises I found out about music in 1976. Terry Bradshaw had a song out: “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry.” (A remake, of course) And, The Heyettes had a song called “The Fonz Song.”
1976-Our country’s bicentennial! I remember decorating my purple flower basket, banana seat Schwinn bicycle with red, white and blue streamers for a parade.
My favorite song from this year is Abba’s “Dancing Queen.”


My first memory of the song comes from a record that I had. It was called Minipops. It came out in 1982, so I was twelve. It was a lot of great pop songs sung by kids. There was an Abba medley which included “Dancing Queen.” I learned a lot of songs from this album. My next-door neighbor (who was like my sister) and I learned all the songs by memory. We each had our part. One was the lead singer, and one was the backup singer. Being three years older, I think I generally took on the lead singer roll. However, Rhonda and I were quite competitive when it came to singing.


I found a website called Minipopkids.com. There were many versions that followed this original one. And, they are still available to buy.
My next major memory of this song comes from 2011. It was March 12 (my youngest daughter’s 7th birthday). We went to see the musical Mamma Mia! It was in Springfield, IL and we went with my BFF, Jane. Jane had seen this musical at least two times before and had drug me to see the film version that came out in 2008. I can’t remember how Joely got interested in this movie, but I know it was on her Christmas list one year, and she got it from her grandma. There is no way to count how many times she has viewed the movie. But, she has all the songs and dialogue memorized.



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